Store Policies

Store policies are very much important for any e-commerce site.

Now, in Blue Barrows, you may define all types of policies for your store and products.

Please note: If you do not set any Store Policies, the Default Site-wide Blue Barrows Policies will be applicable on your Store.

  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy

The store may set overall site product policies from Blue Barrows Dashboard -> Setting -> Store Policies

Product Policies

You are allowed to set Individual product policies for your products. In case, you have any specific product policies for a Product, you may set up them in

Dashboard > Products > Edit Product (Product Manager) > Product Policies

Precedence of Policies

Please note the following precedence order will be maintained everywhere:

Product Policies > Store Policies > Site-wide Policies

Visibility on Invoice

Policies will also be sent to customers on Store invoice as shown:

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