Support is available in various forms- forums, customer care, and so on. But these are not quite enough when the customer has very specific queries that are unique to their requirement. Besides, the process itself is quite lengthy: the customer lists all the queries- in many cases for different vendors- and posts them. The store admin distributes the queries to the respective sellers, collates the answers, and mails them to the customer.

Apart from this, the forum is usually populated by other customers who have availed the plugin, and they might not be able to come up with an appropriate answer. In such a situation, only the product seller can help. And here, the BlueBarrows Support Ticket System is of immense help.

The BlueBarrows Support Ticket System allows your customer to post their queries at one go. They simply have to choose the query category, the product they have queries about, and the urgency and write down the query in detail. They will be issued a ticket and will be notified when a reply is posted. They can change the query priority and status in your account, and add replies if required. The process, as is evident, becomes much easier and faster.

The seller will find all the tickets generated under the support section in the BlueBarrows Dashboard left side menu.

The seller has to click on the ticket to take the necessary action for the inquiry.

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